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Our mission? Build with you tomorrow's politics. Together, let's adapt our civic life to the modern world!
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The PoliticAll toolkit
It has never been easier to get informed, take part and act in politics. PoliticAll makes politics more concrete by providing innovative, user-friendly and customizable digital tools.
Connect with people who share your views or who have different opinions. Create a group around an idea or topic and become a spokesperson/voice for it.
Start or discover a debate to take part in. Discuss, confront your ideas and grow your opinions in a collective emulation.
Bring your political engagement to life. Make your commitments real by organizing or participating in events.
Share your political insights. Enhance the discussion by sharing your views and by learning from other bloggers' ideas.
Gather support from a growing community around the causes you care about. Raise awareness and mobilize with our online petitions.
Check out our Livestreams. Speak live with a large community about current issues.
Hot Trends
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Re-learn politics
We decipher the political jargon for you! PoliticAll makes it easier to access it by explaining the principles, simplifying the concepts and clarifying the issues, even the most complex ones. You will become a real expert in no time!
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Together, let's build tomorrow's politics
We believe that politics is not a career opportunity but rather a participation in civil society, reinforced by individual commitment and collective intelligence. PoliticAll brings it into the digital space so that it can be shared by all and that everyone can contribute to building tomorrow's politics.
We welcome all opinions and all political views, without distinction or censorship and will never sell our users' personal data to advertisers or third-party sources. This is what guarantees the economic independence and political neutrality of our platform.

Available on

iOS and Android

Our mission? Build with you tomorrow's politics. Together, let's adapt our civic life to the modern world!
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