About PoliticAll

PoliticAll is your platform for sharing political discourse surrounding policy, democracy and causes. We are dedicated to your security and privacy while you voice opinions in the political arena. Look to us for useful information on petitions, causes and policy change.

Politics in the Age of the Information

As with many industries, the internet has made the gathering and disseminating of information an easy task. Getting involved in the political arena and expressing opinions on government policy is no different.

Citizens have made their way to the cyber landscape to share their thoughts with the masses. We aim to encourage an equal footing for everyone to participate in politics, not parties. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to PoliticAll - a platform where politics are accessible by everyone.

PoliticAll as a platform is based in Switzerland, where political parties are numerous and abundant. As a resource for politically inclined individuals, the goal of the platform is to mimic this open forum concept.

Non-Partisan Politics in a Digital Age

The last decade has changed the way we interact with the world. Technology has allowed us to connect with the world in profound ways. This ability to find like-minded individuals creates new communities and political movements. All at once, the political world is shrinking and expanding at unprecedented rates.

At PoliticAll, the decision was made to prohibit commercial and political advertising capabilities. This creates a safe environment where you can express your opinions without being advertised to.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can have a voice in the political arena and we are happy to supplement the efforts. We encourage respectful political conversations while protecting your data. PoliticAll is the neutral and independent platform for politics.

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