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You will increase its reach and impact, influencing public opinion and policy makers.

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Online petition: attract interest from citizens and decision-makers

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By signing or creating an online petition with PoliticAll, you will be able to get the attention of the citizens and policymakers.

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PoliticAll social network: when politics meets innovation!

PoliticAll is the innovative social network, entirely dedicated to politics! It is designed for you and by you, to enhance learning, sharing and citizen debate.

We are financially and politically independent: we are exclusively funded by our users. In this way, we can guarantee total impartiality and ensure your data will never be sold to any third party.

All political views are welcome on PoliticAll, since we truly believe in diversity and freedom of speech. Politics is certainly an individual matter, but it is also a public affair: it is built together, and nourished by exchange, sharing and discussion!

Through intuitive and powerful features (groups, debates, events, blogs, petitions and livestreams), practicing politics has never been so enjoyable!

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