Would you like to discuss politics with other citizens in the light of freedom of expression?

Discover the PoliticAll Groups, authentic online discussion hubs where you can exchange political ideas and viewpoints and develop your civic reflection.

Join or create a group on a topic that is important to you to exchange, share and act with a growing community that may share your opinions or hold different perspectives.

Use the numerous features offered by PoliticAll, such as debates, events, blogs, petitions, and livestreams to foster engagement within your groups, and mobilize your community around the causes that matter to you!

Use PoliticAll to discuss ideas with other users and to form and develop your opinions on a variety of topics.

PoliticAll, the 100% political social network, provides its members with the "Groups" feature, which enables like-minded individuals to come together and engage in real discussions on the causes and topics that matter to them.

Many features promote communication, knowledge sharing, and participation (debates, events, petitions, blogs, livestreams).

With "Groups", you can:

  • Gather people around your common beliefs and interests;
  • Exchange and share information, engage in collective and concrete actions;
  • Spread your ideas more widely using dedicated features.

The independent political social network, open to all

Alongside our users, we aim to shape the politics of the future, one that is modern and suited to a world where digital technology is ubiquitous.

PoliticAll thus welcomes all viewpoints and political views without discrimination. We are funded by you, our subscribers!

The financial independence and political neutrality of our social network guarantees that your personal data will never be sold to any third party.

Join the PoliticAll community, to exchange, share and stand for your opinions with other members and engage on their various contributions.

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