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PoliticAll, a political social network at the crossroads of modernity and diversity

PoliticAll is a social network exclusively dedicated to politics! It is inspired by the latest innovations in the field, to offer you a new way of experiencing politics, better suited for today's world.

Our aim is to build with you tomorrow's politics in the light of modernity. Politics that resembles you, with all the diversity of opinions and political inclinations that this entails.

Through its robust, adaptable, and user-friendly features, such as groups, debates, events, blogs, petitions, and livestreams, PoliticAll aims to improve civic engagement, increase the flow of ideas, and foster debate.

Financially independent and politically neutral, PoliticAll ensures impartiality and non-commercialization of your personal data to third parties or advertisers! All political views are welcome on PoliticAll. Join the community and start living your civic life to the fullest!